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/ 01.06.20

My 2020 Beauty Cabinet Must-Haves

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I have slowly been cleaning out drawers, cabinets, and closets to start the year with a clean slate. Ideally, all of this would have been done before January 1st, but obviously that didn’t happen, so HERE WE ARE! I use to have all of my beauty products in one drawer, and it became overwhelming once I realized I use way to many products weekly to compile into one drawer. The drawer was always a mess, and I could never find what I was looking for. Thats when I decided to move all of my products to a cabinet that is located in my bathroom near my closet. It is super convenient, and now I can pull out exactly what I need. I organized everything by brand, which helps me put everything back easily, as well as identify the product I need without having to search.

Colleen Rothschild Top Picks

I have talked about this brand several times, and has become my go to over the past year! I have been fortunate to work with the brand and actually meet Colleen in the past, which makes me even more passionate about their products. Often times we shy away from beauty products because of the cost, and I am so guilty of that as I used to never use them. Stop shying away and find products that are a match for your skin type and stick with it. My job is to try out the things that work and don’t, and be honest with all of you, so you don’t have to go out and waste any money.

Sunday Riley Top Picks

I went to a Sunday Riley event here in Houston a few months ago, and it was one of the cutest beauty events I have ever went to. They had booths set up where you could try different products according to your skin type, and that’s when I learned a lot about my skin and what I needed. I also was introduced to GOOD GENES and I use this every morning after I cleanse my face. I am addicted!! I also use it before I use primer on my face, and it leaves my face feeling moisturized. Some nights I use it before bed; it just depends on what my night routine is for the night. This week I have also been using their acne drops, as I have this large pimple in between my eyebrows! You can browse through my top Sunday Riley picks below!


I have mentioned this particular brand on the blog once before as I am a sucker for their new foundation sticks! I have been using the Glo charcoal detox mask and renew serum as well! Ahmad uses it faithfully as he says he can see a difference in the smoothness of his skin! Ladies, you see why I run out of everything… because #dearahmad is always in my stuff!!!! I have the Glo brush as well to apply the charcoal mask, and it goes on so smooth. I recommend putting it on before you shower, then rinsing your face of the mask and apply the renew serum. Great products, and affordable.

I also have the LaMer serum (shown in the photo) and would say this is the most expensive beauty product I own, and recommend it if you are willing to spend the money! I use it sparingly because it is expensive and I don’t see myself buying more, but I love it and want to keep it. I use it when I am applying heavy makeup because I feel like it keeps my face moisturized the best and the longest throughout the day. I guess you get what you pay for right!?

I challenge all of you to start getting organized this year! I already know its going to take me the entire year to organize the house to my liking, but you got to start somewhere right? Celebrate small wins like I am doing, with the small organizational project that I decided to do. It literally took me all of 30 minutes to clean out my drawers and organize this into my cabinet.

Also, feel free to reach out to me about any of the products I have mentioned. I will be doing nightly beauty routine videos (watch my night routine highlight) to hold myself accountable to having self care time this year! Taking care of our skin is a must, and I use to be against it when I was younger and in college, but now that I am older I see the true benefits of hydrating and moisturizing my skin.


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