Hi, I’m Shay Moné

A fashion blogger residing in Houston, Texas with my husband (the man behind the camera) Ahmad, and my three children Ashton, Aubri, and Averi J. My life is changing daily raising 3 children, but one thing that always remains the same is my love and passion for fashion and home style. Shay Moné is an outlet for me to share my journey of my personal style, home decor, and all that life throws at me being a mom. I hope you follow along, and are inspired by what I have to share.


shay devotional



January Devotional

December is when we are all reminded of the miracle of Christmas. Then January hits and we shift gears and our focus is on our personal goals and new years resolutions and less about Jesus. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t make goals but we should incorporate God into our plans. The fact that God thought of us even before Jesus died on the cross shows that He is not only a planner, but loves us so much to send His son to earth to live a life in human form to pay for our sins on the cross. So as we are planning out our year let’s be like Christ and plan to incorporate Him in our everyday life, and lean on Him.

Draw Near to Him
1. Spend time with God
2. Get more comfortable living in the unresolved because we know the one who knows how its going to workout! Surrender to Christ.
3. Recognize God is in charge and that you we aren’t. Hope is restored when we recognize anything can happen with God, He has a plan!