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/ 11.05.19

Lets Talk Foundation | Glo Skin Beauty

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I am excited about this post today because I love sharing beauty with all of you. I use to shy away from beauty because I was never confident in any of my beauty routines, or lack there of. Now that I have realized that I am not on this beauty journey alone, and finding the right products is hard at times; I am ready to share! Finding a foundation that works for your skin type, and comes in the perfect shade is hard to come by. I was originally introduced to glo skin beauty by Nikki, and once I tried out thier primer I was hooked! The brand then sent me their new HD Mineral Foundation Stick, and I was excited to try it out because I use a foundation stick on a regular basis. This particular foundation stick has become my favorite for many reasons that I will share later in this post, but I wanted to first start off by saying I have already texted 2 of my friends and told them they must switch over! They know how serious I am about my foundation stick, so they said it must be good if I’ve switched over!!!

The foundation sticks come in 12 shades, and I use shade Carob 10N as my foundation, and shade Sable 9W as my concealer. I love it because you can use it as your foundation, concealer, to highlight, and contour. I put it on in the morning, and after shooting all day it is still on! Long-lasting is an understatement because it not only lasts, but for me I don’t get those shiny/oily spots on my face from wearing it all day and need to blot.

I also love that the sticks are compact, and easy for me to travel with. I have 2 in my at home makeup drawer, and then 2 in my travel bag! I will be taking them with me to California in a few days, and love using them on a daily because it gives full coverage! I lastly want to add that the Glo Skin Beauty HD Mineral Foundation sticks are also affordable at $48. Such a great price point for a quality foundation stick!

Let me know if you have any questions about foundation sticks, or if you use them already what you love about them! If you are new to foundation sticks it is work the try as you get full coverage, and can still have that natural glow!


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