Averi’s Turns 3 – How to Plan a Kids Birthday Party

Yall’s favorite girl is 3! Her personality, personal style, and humor is what I live for! She is the sweetest human and full of JOY! I asked her what kind of birthday party she wanted this year, and she immediately said SPRINKLES! Now you know I cringed when she said it because this is not my normal color scheme I like, but it came out amazing!

Balloons & Backdrop by @tailoredmoments

Many of you always ask me how I plan out the kids birthday parties, so I wanted to share in this post what goes on behind the scenes. Recently, things have gotten a lot easier because we have the studio, so no more birthday parties at my home. This allows me to be way more creative, and start with a blank canvas.


THEME: I always let the kids pick their themes. This way they actually enjoy and love all the hard work that goes on trying to get the party together.

MOOD BOARD: Pinterest is a great way to get inspired! This is always my first step once I know the theme. I always search for decor and treats! There are so many creative ideas when it comes to the dessert tables, color schemes, and party themes.

LOCATION: I am a huge fan of at home birthday parties! The venue is free, and you can always transform your space into a kids dream. If budget allows look for studio spaces that allow intimate parties. They usually are more affordable than renting out an actual event venue.

INVITATIONS: Since covid, our guest list has been super small, so I went the easy route by texting everyone! In the past I have used Minted for invites, and yes I am the person that still mail INVITATIONS!

DELEGATE: In the past I use to do everything myself. #dearahmad will go pick up everything I need, but when it comes to setting up he is no help! Since we have the studio now, I have decided to delegate all the things I don’t have time to do. I hired a team for the balloons, decor, etc. I let them know what I want it to look like, send photos, and examples. Since I still have to be hands on because thats just my personality, I buy all the decor and still come and help set up. I normally set up the food table, and add my personal touch. For Averi’s birthday I went vintage shopping to find the plates that matched Ahmad’s grandmas. The pink plates was the color inspo for the party. I also own several different cake stands, and was so happy because it saved me money when it came to decor! I recommend shopping the $1 aisle at Target each season because they always have great cake stands and decor that you can use for birthdays. During valentine’s day I always pick up the pink cake stands or any generic decor that could work for one of the girls parties. After Easter they also have tons of items that could also work in a party theme.

SHOPS: 3 of my favorite shops to shop modern birthday decor from are Meri Meri, Harlow & Grey, and Oh Happy Day. If you are in Houston, and are wanting to throw a small/ intimate birthday party – host your event at our studio, Sweenshots Studio. I love working with Tailored Moments recently, as they do all the hard work for me like the balloon arches and ordering tables and chairs if needed.

I hope this helps you plan your kids birthday parties, with a little less stress! Think outside the box, and have fun with it! From custom pizza boxes, to vintage plates, Averi’s party was unique and stayed true to the theme. I always love to add our own little flare to the parties! Aubri’s birthday is next, and we are already planning and working on hers. She is a little diva, so hers is always a little more extravagant! Head to my instagram stories highlight to see more of Averi’s birthday party fun!


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