Time Management: How to Keep Your Toddlers Entertained During Quarantine

Ok, so I am sure last week was a major wake-up call for all of us! I am still in shock about everything that is going on, but I have decided not to live in FEAR, and instead trust God during this time. We must all do our part and practice social distancing, which for some may be challenging, but it’s a must! Ahmad and I have been thinking of different ways we could give back, still be present and focus on building our relationship with God, teach our children, and of course work. A lot to juggle, but as humans I think one thing we are good at is adapting to survive, so here is our chance to be creative and create a “new normal”.

Many of you have reached out about what type of routine we have the kids on, and so we have outlined it for you all. This is what works for us, but I am sure it will change as we continue this journey. Ahmad has to work and focus on his accounts, and I have to work as well, so having a strategic plan is how we are able to get all of our work done without sacrificing the kids activities and learning.

8am: Kids Breakfast | Parents 20 min workout
8:30am: Get the kids dressed for the day. Putting them in play clothes has been the best option for us as we do recess, a daily walk, gardening, and backyard/playground
9am: Workbooks (consists of letters, alphabets, numbers, phonics)
10am: Money Management: Teaching the Kids how to count money, save money, invest, and donate (I think it is critical during this time to teach children the importance of how money! I’m telling you they will think twice before they ask for toys or candy at the store.

10:30am: 10 min. break – snack (fruit or smoothie)
10:40am: Bible Lesson (Download the Parent Cue App for Bible lessons for Kids)
11am: Stimulation Time (challenge them to use their imaginations. Color, legos, building blocks, play do, matching game)
12 noon: LUNCH
12:30: FREE TIME (I like to let them get any leftover energy out, so its not a struggle for them to fall asleep once nap time comes
1pm: NAP
2pm: Outside Activities (ride bikes, family walk, chalk, gardening) & a snack

3:30pm: 30 min recap! We like to sum up the day and recap everything
4pm: FREE TIME (perfect time for me and Ahmad to wrap up any work we have on our end for an hour)

I also have rounded up a few workbooks that we love as well. We have been utilizing Ashton school books for reading, which is from the Abeka program. Ashton has mastered all of his school reading books so far, so I also purchased the 4 weeks to read program which I plan on starting next Monday.

Please stay safe during this time, and I pray for health and sanity during this time!



  1. March 23, 2020 / 3:43 pm

    I love that you teach your kids money management! This is definitely needed so that they understand its value from young! Great idea because all the things that we needed to know as adults, they never taught us in school 😫.

    Mich x

    • shay mone
      March 23, 2020 / 4:42 pm

      OMG! So true! I want them to know how to manage money and they def don’t teach that in school!

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