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/ 12.30.21

Studio Decor Update

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It’s been a minute since I have came on here and chatted with you all about our studio! I can’t believe we have been in business for a year already, and it has been such a blessing for us. We went into the business not knowing the outcome, and said we would give it a try for 3 years to see where it takes us. We have booked over 1000 hours in our first year, and are in the process of opening up a studio house. Just wow, when I tell you God is amazing and always comes through… this is proof! I just look back and remember Ahmad and I were managers at Abercrombie and use to make $24k a year when we met, and was working so hard with retail hours back in the day. Fast forward to now, we are living the life we always dreamed about, working for ourselves, investing in our kids futures, and trusting God’s timing and process.

As we enter the new year, reflect, and plan out our next steps, I wanted to share with you what our studio looks like currently. This is our 3rd set since we have been opened and my favorite so far. We always stick with a neutral color scheme that can work with all types of styles and aesthetics. Even though the couch I ordered months ago still hasn’t arrived, we worked with what we had and I love the way it turned out. I love to see how my vision and how I set everything up changes every times someone else shoots in our space. Thats the whole purpose of our studio – Make Room for Creativity! Also, make sure to check out our Collection of Possibilities – curated collection of home decor pieces. If you love our studio aesthetic, you will definitely love our studio collection.

I hope you enjoy the space virtually through these photos if you haven’t been able to personally book the space, and if you have shot at Sweenshots Studio this year, THANK YOU! We honestly appreciate all of the love and support!!!!!!!

P.S. – Follow us on YouTube and check out our BTS vlog of how we set up our studio!

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