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/ 06.27.24

New Orleans Guide | Stay, Eat, Shop!

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New Orleans is one of my favorite places to go! I have been saying I wanted to go to New Orleans to go hang out and eat, but at the same time I’m not traveling outside of work and kids sports this season because I am trying to save money to build a pool. Let me tell you how God works though. I have been telling Ahmad I really want to go to New Orleans, then one day he comes home and tells me someone wants him to shoot in New Orleans. So I got to go to New Orleans and have the time of my life thanks to Ahmad’s work trip! Win Win….

We have been to New Orleans several times, and I realized one thing I never do consistently is share details on where we stay, eat, and go. I have been trying to do better (starting on this trip) vlogging and documenting our trips. I wanted to put together a guide sharing my experience in New Orleans and a few of my favorite places we went this trip and in the past. 

A beautiful 10 room, boutique hotel in the French Quarter
I fell in love with the European aesthetic at the Celestine. The property has 10 rooms and are all unique and different in their own way. The lobby is located in the back of the hotel which was cool to walk through the house, the courtyard, to a little bungalow with a coffee bar and a seating area that gives tropical vacation vibes. We stayed in the corner suite, Suite Henriette, that had a balcony view of the courtyard. The vintage touches in the room added charm and elegance, and the fireplace in the living room added character. The hotel also has a cocktail bar, Peychaud, which we received two free drinks with our stay. Even if you’re not staying at the Celestine, head over to Peychauds to check out the small bar and grab a drink in the French Quarter. 
Boutique hotel in the Garden District 
I was in awe when we walked up to the 19th century mansion that was turned into a gorgeous boutique hotel. The lobby is dark and moody which leads back to the pool with travertine checkered floors and a cute pool bar. We stayed in room 10, which had the cutest hidden armoire door which led to the bathroom. Our stay came with complimentary breakfast with the option of in room dining, or lounge dining. If you are looking for a unique stay, a pool to hang out at and relax, and the cutest lounge to enjoy breakfast then book here. Boutique hotels are always my favorite because they are small and intimate and the attention to detail is alway over the top. I love that The Chloe is also away from the hustle and bustle of the French Quarter and Bourbon and gives you a totally different vibe.

Other Hotels to check out that are on my list:

  1. Hotel St. Vincent
  2. Columns
  3. Hotel Peter & Paul
  4. Soniat House (opening soon)
  5. Henry Howard


  1. Café Beignet
  2. Chemin à La Mer
  3. Justine
  4. Elizabeth St. Cafe
  5. St. Pizza
  6. MaMou
  7. Pelican Club
  8. Couvant
  9. Monday
  10. Jack Rose
  11. San Lorenzo
  12. The Bower


  1. Paradise Lounge
  2. Bar Marilou
  3. Cure
  4. Chandelier Bar
  5. Columns Bar
  6. The Elysian Bar
  7. Hot Tin Bar
  8. Commons Club
  9. Patron Sait

Yall know how much I love to shop, so I drug Ahmad along with me on my shopping chronicles in New Orleans. The good thing is I didn’t buy anything because Ahmad had to work and I had a small window of time to go into stores, but I was so glad that I checked out a few shops I’ve been wanting to go to. 


  1. Sunda Shop
  2. Merchant House
  3. Eclectic Home


  1. Lekha
  2. Joseph
  3. West London Boutique

I already told Ahmad I’m ready to go back to New Orleans this fall, and I will spare y’all his response, lol! Save and share this guide, and if you are going to Essence Festival this year, check out some of my favorite spots. Also, make sure to check out my New Orleans vlog on YouTube to see some of these places listed. I am loving my new journey of creating visual diary vlogs on YouTube so make sure to subscribe!!!

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