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/ 07.04.24

Aubri’s 8th Birthday at Lagoonfest Texas

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Aubri is officially 8! The kids are growing so fast and I keep thinking where is time going? Every year she wants to either go to the beach, or to a waterpark for her birthday. When I showed her Lagoonfest Texas online, her eyes got so big and it was an immediate reply of “Can we go there!”. We had to push her birthday back a week because it ended up storming and raining the day of her birthday, but she was such a big girl about it. Fast forward to the morning of her birthday she was so excited, got dressed so fast, and couldn’t wait to get to Lagoonfest Texas.

Lagoonfest Texas is located in Texas City, just about an hour or so outside of the Houston area. The park is a beach club and aqua adventure park with several water activities for kids and adults. Since we were going to be a big group, we opted for the Aloha Fiesta Package which included admissions for up to 25 guest, food (can pick between pizza, burgers, or hot dogs), water and soft drinks, all day pass at the Pelican Rooftop (which provided great shade), and passes to some of the water activities. The section we had was close to the food trucks, and a short walk to the Aqua Course which was perfect. You can learn more about the Aloha Fiesta package and other packages they offer HERE.

There was so much to do that the kids were literally all over the place, I couldn’t keep up. The good thing about the kids being older now is that they can run around with their friends and I can just tag along slightly behind them; but they pretty much do their own thing. To make your trip to Lagoonfest easier I wante to share a few of the activities we did and share links for you to learn more on their site. Let me know if you have any questions in the comments!!!

Aqua Course: They have the largest obstacle course in a lagoon in Texas. The kids thought they were on American Ninja Warrior because they slipping and sliding, jumping, and maneuvering through the course. They provide life jackets, and have a lifeguard on the course which gave me peace of mind while the kids were running around the course.

Aqua Cycle: I’m not going lie, I was super scared! The team let me know that it was safe and I wouldn’t fall off, so me and Aubri faced our fears and got on the bike. I will say its a leg work out, but it was so fun! Just imagine riding a bike on water, is essentially what you are doing. Aubri had to sit up to help me paddle, and got tired, so FYI parents you will be doing most of the paddling.

Paddle Board: Talk about facing fears, Aubri and I were terrified at first, but we got the hang of it quickly. We just focused on balancing ourselves in the middle of the board, and paddling to direct our board. Another thing to check off of our bucket list.

Kayak: Now this was so fun because our family and friends all went kayaking at the same time. It was fun to steer to try not to run into each other, and see where everyone was going across the lagoon. Fun experience 10/10!

With it’s unique combination of outdoor water activities, food, and lagoon, Lagoonfest Texas is the perfect destination for a fun-filled day of relaxation and fun! Plan your visit this summer and experience the fun in the sun!

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