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/ 01.08.18

How to stay Stress Free during Pregnancy

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 Pregnancy can bring on a whirlwind of emotions, and often times stress just hits you, and then the feeling of being overwhelmed just doesn’t go away. Every pregnancy for me has brought on different emotions due to medical scares and then the stress with work and just life in general all plays a part in the fight of trying to figure out what is going on. I will share a little later a little more about my current pregnancy, but I felt the need to share with all of you how I have been staying stress free this pregnancy. No, its not easy, but I have to keep some type of balance in order to make sure I’m mentally healthy and physically healthy for me and my baby.

  1. REST: I think that its easier said than done, especially  when you already have little ones running around; but resting is a key factor for us to stay stress free. Often times when I go to the doctor she always tell me I need to rest more. If its just taking a nap for an extra hour or running out the house to get your nails done for an hour; find time to rest and take time to yourself and enjoy the moment.
  2. GET DRESSED: It is so easy to just throw on sweats and a tee when you are pregnant because thats when you feel the most comfortable. I have realized though that I always feel better when I take the time to get dressed and wear something cute. Think about it… We are already wobbling around and have this huge basket ball as our stomach, so the last thing we need is to look frumpy. I am telling you, you will feel a whole lot better if you take that extra 10 minutes to get up and get dressed, and throw on something that will make you feel confident. Find that one dress that you can throw on that is easy and comfortable, but makes you feel like you are walking down the street ready for NYFW!
  3. FINANCIAL PLAN: Having a baby can be expensive, and now days there are so many brands that offer all these new products that we think we have to have. I say write out a wish list of everything that you from the nursery, clothing, doctors, car seats, etc. Then check off things that are not a necessity. I didn’t have a baby shower for Ashton because I felt like it just waste peoples money. You get all these clothes and random things that you ended up not using, and then its like okay this outfit is 6  months, but its a summer outfit and it will be winter when my baby is 6 months. Dont get me wrong, baby showers are good for those that want them, but I am just not a fan. For Aubri I decided to have a diaper party because at the end of the day that is what you need the most. In the middle of the night you will be looking for more diapers, not cute clothes or random things you received at a baby shower. Put yourself on a budget, and try not to buy things  you dont need, believe me when  you get to baby 3 like me you will be wondering why you spent all that money because your third child doesn’t even need  half of that stuff. I know another thing people stress about is the nursery. Now, decor is one my favorite parts so I am a little bias and spend probably unnecessary money on the nurseries, but I never rush to get it done. I take my time and buy what I can afford, and save for what I want in the room. If the nursery isn’t ready by time the baby is born, I don’t stress about it because the baby usually sleeps in the bassinet anyway. My advice is just to make a list and cross off the things that need ASAP, and the other things don’t become broke trying to buy them.

I did this post a few years ago when I was pregnant, you can check it out here for more ways to stay stress free!

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