Hospital Bag – What to Pack? PT. 3

I’m so excited about meeting Averi tomorrow morning, and can’t wait to hold and smell her. There is something about a newborn and the way they smell. Well before I can even make it to the hospital, of course I have to find the energy to pack. You would think it would be easier because this is my third time going through this, but its always a little challenging when you procrastinate.

I went to my old blog post (here) to figure out what I packed last time, and stuck with it. The only difference this time I decided to use my marble suitcase instead of a carryon because its easier to transport to and fro. My weekender bag became heavy once I stuffed it with everything, and I feel like I am way more organized with a suitcase. A weekender bag is good don’t get me wrong, but when you are asking your husband to find the babies headband and he is digging through the whole bag and ends up taking everything out it becomes a disaster. Using my suitcase with my packing cubes helps me stay organized throughout my hospital stay.

My list this time is staying exactly the same, the only changes I have made are some specific products and items that I will be using this go around!

1.  Overnight Bag/Suitcase | I used a weekender bag during my stay with Aubri, but this time I’ve opted out for my marble suitcase and packing cubes to help me stay organized. (I am using the 22-inch roller in the pictures)

2. Slippers & Socks | To walk around the hospital in. The hospital will give you socks in case you forget your own. You can check out some super adorable leopard print slippers here, that are under $30.

3. Cosmetics | Bring lip gloss and your bare essential makeup tools to spruce up in case you have guest to visit after the baby is born. I’ve packed my foundation stick (easy application), mascara, lip moisturizer, and facial cleanser.

4. Pillow | If you are that person that has your favorite pillow that you can’t sleep without, I would bring it. You want to be as comfortable as possible while in labor, and during your stay. I was in the hospital for 2 days with Ashton, and ended up being there almost 4 days with Aubri. So you never know how long you may be, so might as well be comfortable..

5. Towels | Unless you want to use the hospital towels that are very thin. One face towel, and Large towel.

6. Ipad & Headphones | You don’t know how long you may be in labor, so some type of entertainment is always good! My husband used the headphones to listen to music while he was waiting,  played games on the iPad, and sent emails for work.

7. Gown/ Pajamas & Robe | I am packing my new Pink Blush Maternity Robe. I love their robes because they are super soft, durable, and comfortable. As far as  PJs I have been wearing my Lamaze Nursing pajamas. They are perfect to wear during and after pregnancy. I love the snaps on the top which will make it easy for when I’m nursing.

8. Toiletries | Of course you still have to comb your hair, brush your teeth, and handle all of the basics.

9. Camera | Must capture these special moments! Also, if someone brings you fresh flowers, you can use them in your pictures with the baby as props. (I know only a blogger would say something like this, but flowers always make the pictures look great)

10. Nursing Bras | These are an absolute must if you are going to breastfeed. The Lamaze nursing bras are perfect because they have no underwire which makes them comfortable. I love the hooks as well which makes it easy for breastfeeding.

11. Depends/ Maxi Pads | Ok, go ahead and laugh now, but thank me later. Depends are the easiest to deal with during this time. The hospital will give you huge maxi pads that you can use, but I preferred the Depends. The large pads are just uncomfortable to me.

12. Baby Products | The only thing I packed was a going home outfit, outfit for hospital pictures, car seat, new born onesies/t-shirts, mittens, hats/bows, swaddle blankets, pampers & wipes (hospital will give you these as well), and burp cloth. Once again, the hospital has everything your baby will ever need while they are there. So, if you forget anything they will definitely have you covered!

Now that you have all of that squared away, don’t be in such a rush that you forget some of the important things that you need to put in your wallet. Its just as if you were packing for an out of town trip; you wouldn’t want to forget your passport and boarding pass right?!? Below are a few things you will need:

1. Insurance Card

2. Hospital Registration

3. Your Doctors Emergency Number | Just in case you have your baby early, and your doctor needs to meet you at the hospital!

4. ID / Drivers Lic.

5. List of any medications that you may be on during your pregnancy. They may ask you and your mind will obviously be in labor mode. Have it written down so you can give it to the nurse, or whomever is with you  can relay the message for you off your list.

Hope this was helpful ladies, and I will make sure to have more additional maternity looks on the blog that I posted on IG. I just been all over the place the last couple of days trying to get everything together!



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