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/ 09.20.21

Where to Shop for the Entire Family this Fall

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Being a family of 5 is tough when it comes to coordinating outfits, and with fall and holiday approaching I wanted to share my top 4 stores / sites that I shop at for my family. I always make sure whatever the kids are wearing fits their individual style, and recently #dearahmad has been overly opinionated about his wardrobe. You will rarely see us in matching outfits, but we try to coordinate color schemes, tones, and mood to make one cohesive look. I love being able to shop at stores that have options for the entire family, which makes shopping easier. Be creative with your looks and mix and match brands to create the looks you want. The list below is no particular order, but are my favorite stores to mix and match family looks that last all season.

  • Zara & Zara KIDS | My favorite for trendy pieces, a little pricey at times for kids clothing, but great quality and lasts all season. I am currently loving this sweater for Aubri, these boots for Averi, and these pants for Ashton.

  • H&M | I have always been a huge fan of H&M’s affordable price point and on trend looks for the entire family. We had the pleasure of shooting an H&M campaign in New York not long ago, and all of the clothes that we were gifted after the shoot literally lasted the entire year. The jean prices for kids is amazing, and you still get the quality! Ahmad loves H&M sweats and sweatshirts (he has so many color options), and normally get their matching sets and jackets!

  • Abercrombie & abercrombie kids | As you probably know by now, Ahmad & I met while both working at A&F back in 2010. Fast forward to now and we are not only still shopping there, we are now buying our kids clothes from abercormbie as well. It has come full circle! I highly recommend checking out the denim, which comes in so many washes, styles, and sizes (which is amazing because in the past they were not size inclusive). #DearAhmad loves their essential tees and denim as well, and for the kids the have super hip looks starting at ages 5/6. Averi is only 3 but I buy her size 5 and they are a little oversized but fits her style aesthetic so it works!

  • Mango | I started shopping at Mango a few years ago, and didn’t even realize they had kids until last year. They have great shoe selections, cute handbags (if you like designer but don’t want to spend the money, they always have similar styles), and a great mens selection. Recently, I have not loved the women’s collection, but they have great dress options for girls that are perfect for fall. Below are my top picks that are perfect for fall for the entire family.

Finding trendy clothes for the entire family can be hard, but my rule of thumb is to buy pieces as you see them. I have bought dresses for the girls that are 2 sizes to big for them to wear in the future because they are cute, and I even shop for myself the same way. I know events will come up so I like to be prepared, and even if I don’t know that I have a work trip coming up, I know that when it does I will have something to wear. I hope my list helps you out, and I just realized I forgot to add I love Walmart Fashion as well. They have been killing it with affordable on trend pieces from their Free Assembly collection, and now have tons of recognizable brands that we all love. Free Assembly also launched a kids collection on Walmart which I am loving, and below you can find the pieces I’ve added to my cart!

Let me know if you have any questions about where to shop or holiday photo looks for the fam! Happy Monday xo

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