Top Holiday Toy Picks from WalMart – For Him

I always feel like Christmas time comes so fast, and gifting is always the thing that I wait until the last minute to do. Well now that we have 3 kids, I said NO MORE PROCRASTINATING! I have tons of toys from Walmart hidden around the house, and have been ordering a little at a time so that I wont get overwhelmed next month. I am super excited to partner with Walmart to highlight my favorite toy picks for any little boy. Ashton is into superheroes, and I feel like every character is his favorite. The Marvel action figures were all under $9 a piece, which is super affordable. Ashton even wants to keep the boxes to keep them in because they are part of a series. Crazy thing is I didn’t even know that until he told me!

With Black Friday & Cyber Monday around the corner, I have added a few toys to my cart already so that I am ready to go! What I love about shopping on Walmart’s website is that they make it super easy to find everything that you need. On the homepage they have a “Trending Now” tab which then takes you to a landing page where you can shop for toys by what is trending now, new toys, and price. I usually shop by deals first because who doesn’t like a good deal, right!? Walmart has tons of toy options to pick from, and if superheroes isn’t your sons jam, I have rounded up even more toy options that were all picked out by Ashton.

If you are starting your holiday shopping then check out Walmart to get great deals on all the toys your kiddos will love!



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