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/ 12.23.16

The perfect holiday gift with dr. brown’s

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Christmas is just days away, but it is not to late to get the perfect gift for a new mom, mom to be, or a little baby that has just arrived during this holiday day season. On my wish list this year, believe it or not, was bottles! You can never have enough, and its like Aubri goes through a million bottles throughout the day.

Of course when picking the right bottle can be a challenge because there are so many products out there. We have been using the Dr. Brown’s pink bottles which you have seen in previous post. We have recently just tried the new Options Bottle made by Dr. Brown’s. At first I was hesitant because I love the vent system and have been a fan since Ashton was born. We used the vent system all the way through Ashton’s bottle phases, and even when he would have his one bottle before bed as he got older. Change can be difficult for any mom, especially when something has worked for you in the past.

Aubri has started phase 1 of baby foods and is really enjoying it. I thought this would be the perfect time to try the Dr. Brown’s Options Bottle. These bottles can be used with or without the vent system. This bottle was the perfect test for me to see how I would like no vent, and gave me the choice to either use it or not. There were no regrets, and her feedings have been going smoothly. I decided to use the vent system when she is drinking milk, and take the vent system out when I add cereal to her milk.

The vent system is designed to grow with your baby, and will make a perfect Christmas gift this season! It is not to late to run out and have it wrapped for a baby or mom to be in your life!!!!

Why the vent system:


Helps reduce feeding problems
Helps preserve vitamins
Helps digestion
Vent and nipple create vacuum-free feeding
Some moms and dads find removing the vent a convenient option as their baby’s feeding becomes more developed

Provides a feeding experience similar to most nipple-vented bottles
Nipple venting creates a paced flow
The Power Of Choice

Dr. Brown’s bottles can now grow with your baby and at the same time have healthy benefits during their feedings!

Hope all of you are enjoying this holiday season, and Merry Christmas from my family to yours!

Shop Bottles Here:

This post is sponsored, and products may have been gifted for consideration. All opinions are those of Shay Moné. Special thanks to Dr. Brown’s for sponsoring this post.

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