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/ 02.17.18

Raising 2 Kids Under 3

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From personality differences, to both wanting my attention at the same time, raising two kids under three has been fun! It is so funny how Aubri acts like the oldest some times because Ashton needs her to do everything for him. Ashton and Aubri are hilarious, but there are of course those days when it gets tough. I just want to pull my hair out, and hide under the covers because there is screaming, fussing, whining, and fighting going on all at the same time. There are those days when I swear I hear “mommy” 300,397,839 times and I’m like okay kids, mommy has changed her name. Ashton replies, “SHAYYYYYY”! All I can do is laugh, because he is so smart.

Well moms, I wanted to write this post because I know for a fact we all go through the same thing. Believe me I think about the day when the kids are old enough to get up and cook their own breakfast, and be a little bit more independent. Then I sit back and look at them and want to cherish every second because time is going so fast. I want them to stay my little babies forever. I mean whats next? School, then a car, omg then college! I cant even think that far ahead, so instead of us all complaining about those tough parenting days, lets cherish and live in the moment to these sweet times. You know, the times when they crawl in bed with you, the innocent moments when they say they love you, or when all they want to do is eat junk food and you cave in because you are tired of the complaining. Lets enjoy our little ones, and teach them how to love! I want Ashton, Aubri, and Averi to love and respect all.

So here are my 3 tips to parenting 2 kids under 3 (and of course I’m no expert at this, as I’m just learning as I go):

  1. Teach your kids Manners and Respect: At the end of the day its our jobs as parents to teach our kids how to behave. What you tolerate will become a habit, and remember they will have to go to school and live in the real world one day. You wont be there to hold their hand or baby them. Teach them how to say yes mam, no sir, and just to be polite. I often time think us younger generation of parents are a little more lenient (which in some ways I agree with), but we also have to teach them how to respect their elders and have a kind heart. Our children are a representation of us, and instilling manners, respect, and love and passion for Christ is only leading them into the path of growing up to be God fearing children.
  2. Someone has to be the disciplinary: This is the toughest part for me because their sweet little faces always win me over. I had to learn though that discipline is okay! I cant let them get away with everything, and I have to mean what I say. Ahmad is so good at it (except for when it comes to Aubri sometimes; daddy’s girl) and I am the believer of they wont do it again. Its funny how now I see why my mom said and did certain things with me. I use to think she was being mean, but now I am like I see it.
  3. Less Complaining, and More Love

Thanks for stopping by the blog today, and sorry that I cant find the links to their outfits as I bought both outfits months ago. I have a tendency of purchasing their clothes months in advance even if it doesn’t fit them yet. Don’t judge me, lol!


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