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/ 10.25.21

Ordering all my Greens with Walmart +

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This post is sponsored by Walmart+, however all thoughts and opinions are mine.

Figuring out what the kids are going to eat on a daily basis is super hard, and when they are home from school the task of what am I going to feed everyone becomes even more challenging. The kids were out of school the other day for a teacher in service day, and I knew they were going to have to come to work with me at the studio. I decided to use my Walmart+ membership and order them a fun snack / lunch in the theme of green (you know to trick them a little that they were going to have a healthy lunch). Well my plan worked! All of my groceries were delivered right before lunch time right to our studio. I set up a fun lunch and let the kids have at it! I didn’t even mention that they were eating healthy, but they just ate away! This is rare, but I will be incorporating this method of eating for when we are at home too!

Now let’s dive more into my Walmart+ membership! I have talked about it for over a year now and wanted to answer the top 5 questions I receive in DM’s that hopefully will help you all make the decision to sign up for your membership TODAY! 

Is there a way to do a trial of the Walmart+ membership to see if I like it? Yes, they have a free 15-day trial that you can sign up for. That is how I originally signed up for mine, and never looked back!

What other benefits do you like besides getting your groceries at your door? We live near a Walmart, so I love that I can save 5 cents per gallon on gas, and can also be used at all Walmart & Murphy stations.

How much is the membership? Is it worth it? It is  $12.95 a month  ($98 /year) which to me is worth it because the membership saves me time! I always forget things while I’m at the store so to be able to order things as needed is a plus. We have also utilized our membership on vacations which makes things even more convenient.

How does free shipping work? What’s the catch? Items that are shipped by Walmart are eligible for Walmart+ free shipping, no order minimum (excluding most Marketplace items, location & freight surcharges). There is no limit on how many times you order, which is an amazing benefit.

How do you get your groceries to your door so fast? I login to my Walmart+ account, and fill up my cart with my groceries. When I am ready to checkout there is an option to pick what time you would like your delivery. If I order and want it the same day I usually get it within 2-3 hours. There is a $35 order minimum for the free same-day delivery on groceries and more, but I normally just order everything I need and then some so I never had an issue (restrictions apply).

I always say Walmart is a one-stop-shop so having a Walmart+ membership is beyond beneficial! Click HERE to learn more and sign up today!


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