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/ 02.07.24

My Newest Design Project | Sweenshots Studio 2

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After a little over a year of searching for a new studio, I am excited to finally announce that Sweenshots Studios 2 is officially open for business. Nestled on the outskirts of Montrose, our latest studio project is complete and is my take on a minimalist cali vibe. Our first studio is like home, and will always have that home like feeling when you walk in. I wanted to create a minimalist space that had curves, and after creating a vision board and hand drawing my ideas, the space was formed. I was inspired by my visits to California, and my love of Australian architecture.

We searched off and on for the perfect studio space and when I tell you it was hard, it was a challenge. Natural light, our budget, and location were the 3 key focus and it was like the 3 just couldn’t align. We kind of took a break from looking, and one day I got a call from Ahmad saying he found the next space. Now you know I was skeptical because I knew that it was probably going to be over budget or far from our studio 1. The following week Ahmad and I met with our realtor and I was like wait, we are 30 seconds from our other location. So far so good! Then we walk in and see the space and we both instantly knew it was the one. The landlord quoted us the price and we told him lets get the contracts written up because we want the space. It is funny how things work! You go from searching to one day wanting to sign a contract same day.

The space use to be occupied by an artist, and he had two suites which were connected. We told the landlord we only wanted one side of the space and he agreed to wall off the space. We are praying that we can occupy the other side in a few years because my dream would be to open up our DearHome retail space right next to the studio.

Ok, enough of me rambling, enjoy the photos of the new space. Check out my Studio .02 highlight to see the before and afters.

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