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/ 08.23.19

Draper James x Montage Palmetto Bluff

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I am so excited about this post because I have been wanting to share with all of you about my wonderful trip to South Carolina to the Montage Palmetto Bluff with Draper James. Words can not even express how grateful I was for the opportunity! I remember the day I got the email and screamed because I couldn’t believe they picked little ole me to be apart of such a fun launch for Draper James fall collection. This is going to be a long post, so get your popcorn ready and I promise you will be ready to plan your next vacation to the Montage Palmetto Bluff!

Draper James had us arrive to the Montage Palmetto Bluff in style with a car service from the airport. The views just to get to the main house or lobby of the property are amazing! I didn’t really know what to expect, but I was shocked when they drove me to the house in the golf cart, and told me this is where I was staying for the next few days! Yes, you read that right, we got to stay in the cutest home that was decorated so nicely! If you missed my home tour on my stories, you can go to the South Carolina highlight on my Instagram to see how gorgeous the home decor was. 4 bloggers (including myself) all got to stay in the house together, and an experience I loved because I got to meet and hangout with the gorgeous Sarah, Abigail, and Nazira.

Draper James PJ Set 

The property consists of the Inn, cottages and beautiful village homes that you can stay in. The village homes are all different, and decorated differently which makes each one of them unique. I highly recommend getting a village home if you are traveling with your family and kids. I have already told my parents, in-laws, and husband that we will be making a family trip to the Montage Palmetto Bluff just to stay in a village home. The experience is just something I can’t even put into words. It is like living in a dream neighborhood where there aren’t many cars going by, everyone drives golf carts instead, and you have everything from food to a post office at your fingertips. It was so quiet there, and so safe for the kiddos to run around and play. I just couldn’t believe how gorgeous the streets were, landscaping, and even the dark streets at night that are lit up by fire lanterns. Each home comes with a golf cart, which is how we got around the property and to different shoot locations. The golf carts are so convenient and saved me from the rain several times. There is also the largest tree houses I have ever seen for the kiddos to play at, and if I would have had more time I would have lived my best kid life dream and played there all day.

The property has several pools, and I got to lay out on the first day by the pool connected to the main house (lobby) before I went to dinner at the Octagon Porch. The Octagon Porch is where I got to meet everyone from the Draper James team, and we had the best farm to table dinner ever! The cracklins were so yummy, and the manager there was so nice and served us some of the best Rosé I’ve ever had.

The next two days I got to shoot with Draper James for their Fall 2019 collection. Petite, 5ft. me got to model some of the pieces from the collection. I had to be at the hair and makeup at 7am on the first shoot day and I was so excited and woke up super early. There was a swing on the back porch right outside the door to my room, so I woke up early everyday to read my devotional and listen to the rain. There was also a fire place on the patio, but of course it was way to hot to enjoy that feature.

Draper James Fall Collection was shot on the property of the Montage, and there were so many great shoot locations. The entire property is a dream, you could literally take a picture anywhere and it would look magical! My favorite look from the shoot was this bath robe that was so comfy and soft! The team laughed at me because I did not want to take it off. When I got on set for the shoot for the robe I was in heaven because we shot in one of the cottages bathrooms. The bathroom is literally a dream, and I could move in and stay in the bathroom forever.

Draper James Floral Robe 

What I loved most about shooting the looks from Draper James is that everything fit! I am petite and most times things don’t usually fit me.The dress fit perfectly, and even the length was great! The dresses however are not made in petite, but I still liked the sizing on all the pieces.

Makeup: Caitlin Wooters

Hair: Clay Neilson

Photographer: Lindsey Grace Whiddon

Creative Director: Colson Horton

The fun part about staying at the Montage Palmetto Bluff was that before and after shoots we were able to explore the property and do some of the activities that they had. I first got to check out the spa and get a facial. Before the facial even started, Sarah and I were in awe over the seersucker robes, and how cute the spa facilities were. Then I got to wait in the cozy waiting area (fireplace burning), and before I knew it was getting one the best facials I’ve ever had. They removed all of my makeup from shooting, and I was able to relax. One of the cool things about the facial was they also massage your feet and arms which was a win! I loved the products that they used on me as well because they had my face feeling so smooth afterwards. After my facial, Sarah and I hung out by the pool, shot a few pictures, and hung out! We didn’t even realize that we were at the spa pool for a few hours chillin!

Before day 2 of shooting, they sent us out on a boat tour to see the dolphins. I had no idea there were dolphins out there, but we actually saw quite a few. The boat ride was so relaxing, and one of my favorite adventures during my stay. Ask for Captain Duke to take you on your boat ride if you go because he was seriously the nicest person ever! He had great conversation and was so knowledgeable about South Carolina. He even took us to a private island and let us get out and enjoy the hammocks. I had never been on a private island before, so I was overly excited! Who ever thought that there were small islands in South Carolina?!?! There is even a small beach in the middle of the water that you can go to that most people canoe to from the property and hang out.

Now lets talk about food. I ate at Octagon Porch as I mentioned earlier, but my favorite restaurant at the Montage Palmetto Bluff was Buffalo’s. I ate there every day and the calamari was so good that we ordered it twice in one night. They also have great lemonade and if you know my I love me some ice cold lemonade. Sarah and I had breakfast there one morning as well, and they give you tons of food for breakfast. You think I am over exaggerating about this place, but their customer service is so on point, and I even stopped in for my last meal before I headed to the airport. The restaurant is next to the cutest little post office, I just wish I had sent my family a postcard!

Our last night we hung out and ate at Cole’s that also has a bowling alley attached. Their fried chicken was seasoned so good, and I am super picky when it comes to friend chicken. One of the cutest things was when we were eating dinner, one of the guests at the property walked by  and she was wearing Draper James. We got to connect and meet with her which was so nice and she was actually from my hometown Dallas, Texas. Super sweet family, but it made us all feel so good that she was supporting Draper James and was rocking the cutest outfit! 

I stopped in to one of the cutest little shops on the property, and fell in love with the decor! I wanted to move in, and saw so much inspiration for my home. I am going to redo this wall of coffee table books, because it is so dope! Even though I didn’t buy a coffee table book (no room in my suitcase), I did buy some of the handmade bar soap they had in Rosé scent! Ahmad has taken my soap and uses it everyday, so I should have bought 2! 

I just want to say this was by far one of the best vacations spots I have ever been to. No detail is left out, and you really do feel like you are at home! I am so thankful and grateful that Draper James invited me to be apart, and thanks Montage for hosting us at such a beautiful property! I will definitely be back for a stay with my family. Fell free to reach out to me if you have any questions. I know there is tons to do in town as well, and not far from other popular cities.

Until next time,


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