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/ 11.26.19

Colleen Rothschild Black Friday Sale

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I am so excited because I love when brands start their Black Friday Sales a little earlier so that we all can focus on our family this holiday season, instead of shopping of on Thanksgiving. If you follow me on Instagram, you saw my Colleen Rothschild unboxing, and the good news is that everything from the unboxing is 30% off!!! I wanted to share with you my top 7 products from Colleen Rothschild that I use weekly, and even travel with. The entire site is 30% off for Black Friday and starts today, so hurry and order!!!

  1.  Retinol Supreme Eye Serum: I use this once a week for the bags under my eyes! I take it on trips with me as well because I usually have long days, and that is when the bags usually appear.
  2.  Night Oil: Use this nightly after I cleanse my face. I love it because it keeps my face moisturized over night.
  3.  Face Oil No. 9: I cleanse my  face in the morning, and then rub this on before I put on my primer. My face feels moisturized all day even with my makeup on top!
  4.  Matcha Tea Treatment Toner: I am new to Colleen Rothschild toner, but I have tried it a few times. I use it after putting on the Face Oil No. 9 on days when I’m not wearing any makeup. Leaves my skin feeling refreshed!
  5.  Micro Mineral Soothing Toner: This a newer product that they offer, and it leaves  your skin feeling soft. I haven’t decided which toner I like the best out of the two yet, but I will keep you all updated.
  6. CoCoa Bean Cleansing Balm: Ladies, my husband is addicted to this balm. He usually puts it on while he is in the shower, then wipes it off afterwards. I use it as well, but lets just say Ahmad has taken over this jar. We have been using this since April, so it a little goes a long way this this jar.
  7. Cleaning Balm: The cleansing balm comes in 3 sizes, and I have the mini in which I keep in my travel bag, and then this one is in my beauty drawer. After I take off my makeup, I use the cleansing balm for the extra cleanse! It leaves my face feeling smooth and then I apply the Night Oil!

No matter what you are in the market for when it comes to beauty  products, I think any of these are great options to start off building your beauty regimen. If you are just starting off I recommend starting with the oils, and then go from there. They are a game changer once you get in a routine of using them. I now can not live without them. I have been using both oils since April when I was introduced to the Colleen Rothschild brand at the Rewardstyle conference. I also got to meet Colleen as well, and she was so genuine and nice! It made me want to try and support the brand even more knowing how down to earth she was.

Black Friday is starts now, so shop my top 7 beauty finds at 30% off with code BF2019 on the Colleen Rothschild site! Happy Shopping, and reminder the sale ends November 30th.


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