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/ 01.31.22

BRB, Putting on another Influencing in Color Girl Band Tee!

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I still can’t believe we actually did it! Influencing in Color launched our Girl Band Tour tees – long time coming! My sister, Trenace, called it a “luxury t-shirt” which gave me all the feels because thats exactly what we were going for when we created it. I have been wearing the tee with literally everything, and 5 to 6 days a week (I have 5 of them). I wanted to share that you can also style the tee with any look. Most time when you think of a t-shirt, its just something you throw on and don’t give any thought around what you are actually pairing it with. Our girl band tee is more than just a t-shirt. The back detail shares our top 13 travel locations of 2021, even including where we stayed down to room number and hotel/ airbnb location. If you haven’t already, go ahead and snag you one (oh and a friend one too) before they are gone!!! Shop our tees and dad caps HERE.

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