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/ 01.09.17

Aubri J Nursery Reveal

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After months of procrastinating, I am excited to finally share Aubri J’s nursery. It has been complete for months, and you have probably seen little snap shots in different blog post of the room, but I wanted to wait until Aubri was a little older and could actually crawl around her room and sleep in her crib before I shared. It was challenging coming up with a design plan for the nursery because I had no idea how to decorate a girly room. Even my bedroom isn’t really girly, and neither is my home. I’m all about the greys and whites, or black and whites when it comes to decorating. I didn’t want my bland color scheme to have to live in Aubri’s room, so I cried and decided to go with a little pink. Typical color when you think about a little girls nursery, but I wanted to add a modern flare, and of course my favorite design color WHITE!

It took months to find the perfect wallpaper, and months for me to even frame old vintage magazines that my friend Sasha found for the room. A little back story behind the magazines, I searched for weeks for vintage Vogue magazines for the nursery that had African American women on the cover. My search came to a stop because I couldn’t find any. When Sasha came over one day with these vintage LIFE magazines i almost cried because it was exactly what I wanted. I want Aubri to grow up knowing that she is beautiful and look up to these beautiful, intelligent, creative women.

My favorite part of the nursery is the clothing rod that my brother in-law made for her. He actually cut down a branch off of a tree, sanded it, drilled the hooks, and even came over and painted it copper for me. It’s exactly what I wanted, and when she gets a little older she can hang all her favorite outfits there, and we can play dress up! I can’t wait!!!

*Update: This room has been featured on Shutterfly! Check it out here.

Hope you enjoy the pictures!!!

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Photography @sweenshots

Wallpaper @anewall

Crib & Dresser @potterybarnkids

Shelves @target

Chandelier @ikea

Bookshelf @ikea

Books @amazon

Bedding @target

Rug & Curtains @westelm

Flowers @kroger

Magazines @localvintageshop

Acrylic Chair & Fur Stool & Aubri Chair @HobbyLobby

Moccasins @FreshlyPicked

Aubri Dress & Silver Tassle Shoes @Zara

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  1. I’m so in awe that the chairs and stool came from Hobby Lobby! It’s my favorite home decor store but I never look at the furniture. Great pieces and lovely design!

    • Check out their furniture, its always like 40% to 50% off!! such a great deal and I love them because I can just wipe them off when the kids mess them up lol

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