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/ 03.22.21

Anniversary Trip – Commodore Perry Estate

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I can’t believe I am so late with this post, as our anniversary was last November, and we are already in 2021. I wanted to make sure I did the post anyway because I am a huge fan of where we stayed. I am going to share exactly where we stayed, what we did, and why I highly recommend that you pack up your car and head down the highway to spend a few days at a luxurious Texas resort. I want to add that I had no idea that Texas even offered something to this standard and still blown away about our experience. I know we are all on pins and needles when it comes to travel these days, but I assure you the resort followed all CDC protocols, and we had no issues. Ok so let’s get to unpacking and sharing the details…

I wanted to surprise #DearAhmad with something fun for his birthday, and since flying somewhere was out of the question, I was on the hunt to find something that made us feel as if we were far away from Texas. Commodore Perry Estate & Resort is located in Austin, Texas right down the street from UT. They are known for their European elegance with Texas hospitality – and the aesthetic doesn’t disappoint. I know what you are probably thinking, how much does it cost a night to stay here, and yes its a splurge but worth it for a few days. We stayed in the Patio Suite which let out into the gorgeous courtyard. You could access the courtyard from our bedroom or the living area in our room which was perfect. At night we left the doors opened and listened to the water fountain. The room was spacious, comfy, and beautiful. I fell in love with the decor and charm of the entire property.

The property is owned by a family that turned the main mansion into different rooms with amazing themes. We were lucky to be able go tour some of the rooms because I’m that nosy tourist who just wants to see everything. They were so kind to let us go to the suites in the mansion and we fell in love. From the wallpaper, bathrooms, tile selection, to the chute for the beverages in the LeVerne Suite – attention to detail was not missed! If you are wanting to splurge and have a unique stay, I highly recommend booking one of the suites in the Mansion.

Now let’s talk about the heated pool! We went in November and were in the pool! I know it’s Texas, but weather is still a hit or miss in the winter. The vintage vibes at the pool was the perfect setting for our vintage film camera we used! You scan a menu with your phone and order your food with the waitress. The fries were my favorite pool snack, and Ahmad enjoyed all of their cool adult beverages.

The restaurant is huge and located in the mansion. You can eat outside, the bar room, or in the dining rooms. We were able to eat dinner in the dining area by ourselves which made us feel more comfortable. We made a reservation, and they were able to accommodate.

I feel like there is so much I could say about the property, but I don’t want to spoil your experience. It is a small property, but they are expanding and opening a new restaurant as well. There is a chapel for weddings, and a huge courtyard for weddings as well. If you decide to book, make sure to sign up for the Mercedes experience once you check in so that you can drive the cool Mercedes that they have on the property. Since there weren’t that many people occupying the property during our stay, they let us have a car for the entire day.

I hope this helps, as YALL CAME FOR ME in my DM’s because I never did this post! Drop any additional questions you may have in the comments. We are packing up in the next few weeks for our next road trip and I cant wait to share with you guys where we are staying this time!

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