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/ 04.12.23


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I am no beauty guru, but I know what works for me and I try to stick to it. I am blessed to have a career that lets me test out so many different beauty products and I have rounded up ones that I love, and have purchased after the gifting. The chart below is in the order of how I use the products as well to make it easy for you guys when deciding what you may be missing from your beauty regimine. No need to splurge and get them all at once, I would say if you are starting off invest in a good cleanser, an oil / moisturizer, and spf.


Summer Fridays Amino Gel Cleanser: Only $35 and lasts me a while. I switch between this and my cleansing balm (read below). This is a great AM & PM daily cleanser that is gentle enough for all skin types.

Colleen Rothschild Cleansing Balm: You have probably heard me talk about this balm before, but I literally can’t live without it. It has been the best cleanser to get all of my makeup off at one time. It glides on the skin, and doesn’t leave your skin dry afterwards. I normally use it at night, and sometimes I put it on before I get in the shower, then rinse when I get out. Something about the steam hitting my skin with it on lives my skin feeling soft. Use my code SHAYMONE20 for 20% OFF


Matcha Tea Toner: This particular toners is mixed with Black Tea, Kombucha, & Japanese Green Tea to protect your skin, minimize pores, and absorb the excess oil from your face. I use it on my face and décolletage. Use my code SHAYMONE20 for 20% OFF


Face Oil N9: If you have dry skin then you are going to love this oil. It nourishes my skin and doesn’t leave my face feeling oily and shiny afterwards. I use it in the AM everyday. I even have an extra bottle in my travel bag because I have to have it. Use my code SHAYMONE20 for 20% OFF

Lancome Absolue Soft Cream: I don’t splurge on many beauty products, but this one is worth it to me. I was introduced to this product because I did a Lancome campaign and used it for a while before giving my initial review on social. That was last summer and I am still using the product which means it’s worth the $150. I don’t use it every single day because I prefer the oil mentioned above, but after traveling I come home and use this cream to brighten and add firmness back to my skin. If you are showing signs of aging, this is also a great product to use.


Buttah Vitamin C Serum: Black owned brand, do I even need to say more?!? I started using the vitamin c serum when I went to Denver last year and fell in love. I have had a few dark spots on my forehead and have seen a difference since using the serum. The Buttah serum helps revitalize your skin and gives you a smoother complexion. Use my code SHAYMONE20 for 20% OFF


Retinol Supreme Eye Serum: I recently started using this eye serum about a month ago, and now I am hooked. I use it at night before bed and the silver applicator is a cool temp and smooth which makes it glide easily right under your eyes. It is a mix of retinol and vitamin c which helps rejuvenate the skin underneath the eyes. I can say that I’ve been looking less tired since using the serum. Use my code SHAYMONE20 for 20% OFF


Sunday Riley Saturn: I have recently been having small, minimal breakouts when my cycle starts, and I started putting this spot treatment on the pimples. I use it at night and it dries up the blemishes. I only use it once per blemish and then follow up with vitamin c serum in the AM.


Night Oil: This is the night version of the face oil N9 and I use it every night before bed. After cleansing my face and doing my night routine, I rub this across my face. I even have a bottle on my nightstand because I don’t want to forget to put it on. I know some are scared of retinol, but this one is great for all skin types.


Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen: With the kids in so many outdoor activities, sunscreen is our bff at my house. I love the unseen sunscreen because it doesn’t leave that white cast pigment like other sunscreens, and its lightweight and not watery. Two of my kids have very sensitive skin and this works well for them as well.

Ilia Beyond Triple Serum SPF 40: This is my go to on days when I don’t want to wear makeup but want my skin to have a glow. I love how it glides on and is lightweight. Perfect for vacation as well, just wake up and put this on and head on to the beach knowing your face is protected. Side Note: Sephora is having a sale on 4/18, so make sure to snag it during the sale!


I’m not really a lipstick girl, but I do dabble from time to time and my go to lipstick is Live Tinted hue corrector in shade Rise.

Keeping my lips moisturized is important to me. I’ve always had dry lips and never could find anything that worked. When I travel I feel like my lips are alway dry so finding a solution was a must. I have been using the Ilia beauty lip wrap that has made a huge difference in the moisture in my lips. I have also recently been using the Colleen Rothschild lip scrub and mask at night which helps lock in moisture.


Finding the right vitamin that works for you is vital, and I have been using Ritual essential vitamins for over a year and a half. I love that they have a subscription plan that way I never run out. A few months ago I decided to switch over to their prenatal vitamin to make sure I was getting the most nutrients.

We are all trying to protect our youth, and I love the dairy-free Dose & Co collagen that helps improve my skins visual appearance. I have also tried Vital Protein, but went back to Dose & Co because I love the flavor of the creamer. In the mornings I add it to either a hot cup of water with honey or my green tea.

I started using the Prada Paradoxe last September during fashion week and now I’m hooked. The smell is good for day and night and you just cant go wrong with the scent. It is long lasting which I love and a little goes a long way.

BYREDO is the only item on my list that is currently in my cart that I haven’t tried yet. I’ve heard really good things about the brand in general, and the scent has smelt amazing on others so definitely want to try it out soon.

During the pandemic I decided to detox from my deodorant (since I was just at home) and go without for a while. I ordered a natural deodorant and was using it for a while and it just didn’t do the trick for me. I was still musty and now that I’m thinking about it maybe the scent just didn’t pair well with my body. I then went back to using Secret and here recent I’ve decided to give a natural deodorant another try. I’ve been using the NATIVE that uses simple and effective ingredients. I love the coconut & vanilla and the lilac & white tea scents.

I hope this beauty roundup helped you narrow down what beauty products you may need or want to try. Let me know in the comments what roundup you would like to see next on the blog.


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